There are many companies who offer cleaning services for boats and yachts, but considerably fewer who are committed to a common quality standard that will ensure that the job is done right. When you entrust the detailing of your vessel to us, you can expect and receive nothing but the best quality work.
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Boat Detailing
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Quality work and attention to detail

Professional full service marine detailing.
-Compounding & high-speed polishing
-Oxidation removal
-Stainless steel restoration
-Vinyl & leather cleaning/conditioning
-Isinglass UV polish
-Cabin cleaning
-Engine room & Bilge cleaning
-Maintenance plans
On your dock service and fully mobile


We offer custom maintenance plans that are right for you and your boat.

Maintenance plans also come with a lower cost. It is a great option for people who want to keep their vessels in Tiptop shape at all times.


First we would schedule to fully detail your boat and bring it to its best possible condition.

We then would follow up with regular scheduled maintenance (weekly, biweekly or monthly) to keep the boat looking in Tiptop shape all the time.

As a part of a maintenance plan your boat would be fully polished and waxed every 90 days. This will prevent any oxidation build up, maintain a sealed protective barrier and an amazing shine.


We will perform the following tasks each time we come out for your boat's scheduled maintenance.

-Full Wash & dry
-All Compartments Cleaned
-Stainless Polished
-Clean & Condition Vinyl
-Spot Clean Carpets
-UV Polish Windows & Isinglass
-Remove Rust Stains
-Apply UV protectant to plastic & rubber

Detail results will vary based on age and condition of your vessel. Every attempt will be made to bring out the highest quality detail possible in accordance with the level of detail service performed.

NOTE1: Safety first. 
NOTE2: Payment Is Due When Services Are Rendered.
NOTE3: Cabin interiors, bilges, engine rooms, and removal of excess oxidation(wetsanding), adhesive or extraordinary imperfections are additional.
NOTE4: Multiple hulls, bridges, helms, towers and extended swim platforms are additional.
NOTE5: Customers are responsible for any applicable marina and haul-out fees.
NOTE6: We need access to power and a hose spigot.
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Boat Detailing

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